Jenna ~ At the end of the day, life's a lesson.

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Jenna Scott
Admin ღ Never a failure, always a lesson.
Nombre de message : 437
Age : 36
Date de naissance : 11/07/1982
Date d'inscription : 04/02/2018
Emploi/loisirs : Avocate chez Scott & Associates
Habitation : Une maison à West End
Célébrité choisie : Kerry Washington ღ
Multicomptes : Lilianna, Gabriella & Soraya
Gifs : "A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty." ღ Tess

"It's you, it's always been you.." ღ Andrew

"I'm gonna dance on broken glass."

Dim 4 Fév - 23:09

Jenna Scott
True love never ends.

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It's always been you, I just want to be yours.

I'll meet you there at the altar as I fall down to my knees. Don't let me drown. So pull me up from down below 'cause I'm underneath the undertow. Come dry me off and hold me close.

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